Is it possible to return/replace X-T3 after this?

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Re: Is it possible to return/replace X-T3 after this?

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DJ2014 wrote:

thoth22 wrote:

A few months ago there was a post on e0shd with a member that experienced more breakage than this on his two xt3's within a similar time frame. It happens, perhaps from the same batch. You can probably find the post if you look, though it was a few months ago when I read it. In general, everything is pretty much made like crap now compared to 30 years ago. I can't even find super glue that actually holds anything together anymore.

You are so right. When you scratch the crap out of stuff it gets scratched. Not like the old days

I know, the old days were incredible. I demonstrated the amazing durability of things one time by dragging my Nikon FM along the pavement for 4 miles at 35mph. Camera was like new without a scratch, but man did it leave a furrow in the pavement!

LOL!!! So you're the reason why the roads in Michigan are so bad.

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