Is it possible to return/replace X-T3 after this?

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Re: The Peak Design could be your problem

bobotoka wrote:

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

bobotoka wrote:

Have 3 posts only because from time to time I like to read what people are discussing and didn't have any problem by now. I'd rather go out and shoot with my camera then posting something on forums.

Reading all comments it looks like everyone think that I wasn't careful with the camera and I expected that. I was only comparing it to my old Canon which handled more "beating and abusing" during years and I didn't have any problems.

I know how I was handling the camera so for and for me it's not normal that camera like Fuji X-T3 can easily get scratched.

And probably because of the responses like yours I wan't be making any posts in future.


The post asking if you used a black rapid type strap seemed worthy of a response? DId you ?

I didn't use black rapid strap. I had Peak Design hand leash on it but I removed that now. Bought leather case just to prevent future scratches, but I think in near future I will buy battery grip since I am shooting time lapse more often now. Hope this all will prevent it from further scratches.

The Peak Design could be the problem here - did you see this review and the comments from users?

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