Lens size & weight: Sony (fe) vs Sony (e) vs Fuji (x)

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Re: +1 on 85mm on APSC vs. 135mm on FF

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Finally, at 135mm, a focal length I love for my full face portraits, it’s no contest. The a7iii with any of the available 135mm lenses gets to the neighborhood of three pounds. Meanwhile, the a6500 with the Sony 85mm f1.8 at about 28 ounces is over a full pound lighter.

And yes, I do use equivalencies because in addition to cropping the focal length the aps-c camera gives the benefit of using it’s entire sensor and all of it’s megapixels on the image. If I just crop my full frame image to the aps-c equivalent I lose a ton of megapixels.

I agree. My Batis 85 is a delight to carry with my A6500, much lighter than my Canon 5DS and 135/2 L. IMHO, ergonomically speaking the max length and weight for the A6500 is an 85/1.8 native lens. However now that I’m loving the rendition of the Batis, I’m tempted to push the envelope and go for the Batis 135/2.8.

I don't understand why you would buy Batis lenses, or any full frame lens for that matter, for an apsc camera. They are excellent lenses. Maybe as close to optically perfect that you can get on a full frame camera. But put them on an apsc camera and the level of detail significantly reduces so you pay for a lens that could be amazing but isn't. The DxO mark data shows this. If Sony or sigma made an 85 apsc lens it could be better, smaller and cheaper than the Batis lenses or other full frame lenses

What DxO data shows that?? Generally, there is no big APSC lens size advantage with respect to telephoto lenses. And, the Sony 85mm f1.8 FF is a very small lens considering its focal length.

The DxO data shows full frame lenses perform worse on aps-c bodies than full frame bodies. So much so they are so they are either worse than the lenses made for apsc bodies or only very slightly better but at a significant cost.

Because of the physics a FF lens will NEVER perform as well on an APSC body as it could on a FF body of equivalent resolution.  APSC bodies present an additional challenge for any lens due to the high density of the pixels.  There is no inherent disadvantage to using a FF lens on an APSC camera (other than size), but the pixel density of the APSC camera requires a sharper lens than would be required for a FF camera of lesser pixel density.

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