Water vs Air Cooling, But is water cooling Quiet?

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It depends

reid thaler wrote:

I'm planning on building a new computer with an Asus motherboard, (likely the Prime Z390-A, but open to suggestions), and the 9700K when I can get one. I'll let the Asus software do the overclocking.

I know that water cooling is more efficient, but is it quiet? I've been offered a Corsair H80i GT cooler for $45. My case is an Antec P182.

What are the ideal temps to run this 95w CPU?


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Watercooling loops are not necessarily quieter than air cooling, nor do they necessarily perform better.  High-end air coolers will perform as good or better than AIO water coolers while being as quiet or quieter than those AIO's.

Going custom loop water cooling allows you to get more performance and quieter operation at the cost of, well, cost. It gets really expensive, really quick. Putting in more headroom by using larger or more radiators allows the fans to spin slower and thus making the system quieter.

In the end, it is all about dissipating heat to the surrounding area. It doesn't really matter if it is done with a fan on the cooling tower on top of your CPU or a fan on a radiator. It is all about surface area. More surface area equals better cooling at the same noise or same cooling with less noise, be it radiator surface or air cooler surface.

It is fun to build though. (running an overclocked i7 5960X with custom loop water cooling)

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