what happened to fuji's bridge cameras ?

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Re: what happened to fuji's bridge cameras ?

Labe wrote:

AdrianTWQ wrote:

Just curious, did the FinePix S1, the water resistance one, also lose money? Since Fuji still makes the XP series, why not just make another 1/2.3" WR Superzoom, using the same sensor? They could like just make some small changes, like changing the Lens to 21~840 or 18-630 and keep the rest more or less the same. And throw in the all the latest Flim Simulations. Maybe even remove some of the buttons to make it smaller and cheaper to produce. Most important is keep the Hotshoe, and maybe allow mUSB external mic.

A 1/2.3", water resistance 35~40x superzoom might seems pointless to many of the pros here, but such a product can be a good introduction camera to lure handphone photographers to upgrade to it, and hook them into Fuji colors so when they want to upgrade to CSC in the future, they will chouse Fuji.

A good small bridge superzoom can be a good gateway camera to lure people into the Fuji cult. With the Flim Simulations. The hotshoe is purely to lure the user into buying a Fuji external flash so that gives them another reason to buy a Fuji SCS in the future. In fact they should remove the internal flash and the EVF, to give people more reasons to buy a externa flash and a hotshoe EVF, so they will surely be locked into Fuji ecosystem.

The problem is , can Fuji make money competing against the fz300/330 with its 24-600 f2.8 lens 4 k photo / video and weather resistance. I don’t think they could.

difficult at $400 for the pany..... that's why I bought it ! I think fuji would have to use their 2/3" sensors already proven with the x10 series....and as well include the video improvements in their xt series. Then videographers might take notice.

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