What is your pick between Nikon Z7 and Nikon D850 for landscape

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codyl1992 Forum Member • Posts: 61
I'm thinking z7

This is such a hard question. I have a D850 and a Z6 but I think I might prefer a D500 and a Z7. The new Z lenses are so sharp, and I have pre-ordered the 14-30; it would be great to couple that with the z7, and the main reason I use DSLR's still is action, so theres the d500.  But the cropping ability for action on the d850 is incredible.

The only issue I can think of with the z7 is battery life, but most of us buying a z6/z7 probably have several batteries already, plus you can charge it in camera. Although you have to have the camera off to charge, you can't charge and use the camera at the same time. The "banding" issue seems super overblown, even for pushing a lot of shadows.

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