Is it possible to return/replace X-T3 after this?

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Recently i bought Fuji X-T3 camera and sold my old Canon 600D. I used that camera for 6.5 years and before selling it was in mint condition, really – like a new camera. And I really carried it everywhere.

Then I got Fuji X-T3 and after only 3 weeks of using it sync terminal button fell off from the body and camera was scratched – it looks like I was dragging it on a floor. Since I am very careful with my gear I don't know how it's possible that camera which was basically "camera of the 2018". During that time I event didn't put my camera on a tripod.

Tried to contact Fuji headquarters – no response. Contacted local Fuji distributor and they respond after 3 weeks – but I needed to contact national body for customer protection to reach to Fuji. They told me that it's my fault and they cannot do anything. They even told me that is normal for sync terminal to fell off since its removable???

If I can make any conclusion it seems like Fuji didn't do a good job in final production – they should put some kind of protective layer on silver area of a camera.

And now I don't know what to do. I like camera performance by now but I am afraid that I need to use this camera with several protective cases on it and have gloves on my hand to not get it completely scratched

Any thoughts or advices?

Thank you

You're not getting a lot of sympathy here, and I'm afraid you won't from me either. I take decent care of my gear and haven't experienced anything even close to what you're showing here. Damage like that doesn't just happen... it results from rough handling or other such "abuse." Given my own experience with the 3 Fuji bodies I've owned so far, I find them to be as robust as one should expect from gear such as this. However, they are not designed to be abused, and frankly, the sort of markings you've shown are signs of mishandling, whether you are willing to acknowledge it or not.

You can try returning the camera for warranty repair and you might get lucky in terms of the costs. However, under normal usage conditions, a protective case and gloves are most certainly not necessary. You might give some serious thought to how you handle and use your gear.

I'm confused as to why anyone would not be elated to get some honest wear and tear on their camera body. Not that one should intentionally drag it across a boulder. But to look down and see scratches that you don't recall causing - that's like a gift from the camera-art god.

Well, if you’ve hung around DPR as long as I have, you’ll find plenty of folks who view cameras as a form of jewelry with imperfections being a bad thing rather than a badge of honor. I try to keep my cameras in good shape and perhaps “baby” them a bit, but I’m not obsessed with it either.

I'm of the same thinking and have become even a bit more careful since digital. In the film era I typically spent $300 to $500 on a body and used it for a decade or longer. I couldn't see spending $1500 on an EOS1 as that was just more than I wanted to shell out. Then digital came about and I bit the bullet for that $1500 10D, then a 40D, 50D and eventually 7D over a period of about 5 years - YIKES! I decided it was wise to keep them in reasonable condition to have some resale even though their value sunk like a stone in a pond.

In the end it's better than what I spent on film, processing and enlargements and I'm having so much more fun.

Even back in the film days, wear and tear had a significant impact on resale value, but like you said, it was usually a camera that had been in use for longer.

I remember seeing a guy at Regan National airport, obviously a journo, with a pair of F5s hanging on his shoulder, clanking against each other. One had a 28-70 2.8 on it, the other a 17-35 2.8. No filters, no caps, just hoods. Lenses and cameras were scuffed up with very little finish left on the prisms and various parts of the bodies.

I was kind of shocked because my F5 and 17-35 were in much better shape. Then I imagined this guy in the middle of conflict zones and hot spots and thought he must have really done a lot of shooting in tough situations to get them that way. No time to keep them polished and clean. The stories those cameras told...

I remember in the 70's seeing a photojournalist for the Milwaukee Journal open his bag and his lenses had no front or rear caps nor did the bodies have body caps and much of it was just thrown in with nothing separating items.

I've seen some pretty destroyed cameras (and lenses) that still functioned beautifully but I'm still pretty anal about mine. 

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