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Re: FZ1000 ii EVF aspect ratio...

From Imaging Resource:


Abut half-way down their "First Impressions Review":

Extremely high-res electronic finder has a larger viewfinder image
Speaking of the viewfinder and LCD monitor, both are on the list of updates for the FZ1000 II. The viewfinder is still based around an extremely high-resolution 0.39-inch, 4:3-aspect, 2,360k dot Organic LED panel, but the viewfinder image now boasts a more generous 0.74x magnification, up from 0.7x in the FZ1000. Panasonic still self-rates the panel as providing 100% field of view. It also has an eyepoint of 20mm, but no figure was stated for the previous version.
The LCD panel, meanwhile, has increased in total dot count, from 920k to 1,240k dots with the same 3.0-inch diagonal and 3:2 aspect ratio as before. That suggests Panasonic has likely added a fourth, white-colored dot to the red, green and blue dots that make up each individual pixel on the display. If so, we can expect to see little change in resolution, but a noticeable improvement in maximum screen brightness and/or lowered power consumption.

EVF 4:3...LCD 3:2

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