DPR - GF lens reviews are missing?

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Re: Easy to answer

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

I wonder why the "outstanding" FUJI MF GF lenses were not reviewed at all up to now
Any known reason?

* In recent years, most DPR lens reviews were done in conjunction with DxO, using DxO's instrumented testing results.

* DxO has not performed (or at least published) any lens tests since February 6, 2018, before it went into what appears to have been roughly the French counterpart to U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy around June 2018 (?). DxO emerged (and is now two separate companies), but lens tests have not resumed.

* Even back in the day, DPR only did lens reviews on a small fraction of the lenses that DxO tested. Presumably the subset of the DxO lens tests that got incorporated into DPR lens reviews was based on likely DPR reader interest. And face it, the GFX cameras are niche products compared to many other cameras.

Agreed, Dpreview lacks know how in lens testing...I think they need to employ the right people to get this done. Current staff lacks technical insight into lens testing...

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