Fuji's consumer grade cameras got more aggressive JPEG sharpening?

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Re: Fuji's consumer grade cameras got more aggressive JPEG sharpening?

hendriximages wrote:


Got myself a Fuji X-E3 to have an interchangeable lens camera of comparable compactness to my X100F but was quite disappointed to discover that the X-E2's JPEG sharpening algorithm seems to be way more aggressive (also comparing to my X-Pro2 & X-T2 which I'd sold previously):

Fuji X-E3's aggressive JPEG sharpening, see red arrows!

To be fair, you only see this when enlarging JPEG's real BIG - probably not many are doing that (and, obviously RAW´s are not affected). But I do mainly use JPEG´s for printing big, coz I love ACROS's tonality dependent grain (not available when post processing RAW files)

So I wanted to know if any of youse have been confronted with this phenomenon?

Traded in my X-E3 for an X-H1, which don't demonstrate such JPEG sharpening artifacts. If interested please head over to my website (link below) for the full story!

Many thanks & best regards,


How about posting the original SOOC jpg so that we can see what you mean?

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