Just trying MacBook Photos app

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Re: Just trying MacBook Photos app

The Take Control series are very good https://www.takecontrolbooks.com/photos

RawPower is useful and very good value.

Affinity is really a photoshop replacement. Again, cheap and very good with lots of online video tutorials. I have it, but don’t really use it much apart from fixing the nadir in my 360 panoramas with the healing brush (if that’s the right name 😮)

if all you want to do is open different libraries you can just double-click on the library itself and work with it. Easy to arrange aliases wherever is convenient.

PowerPhotos will let you find duplicates, move collections from one library to another, etc.

I really have just 2 main libraries. The cloudy one that collects current photos together in one place, from iPhone, EM1.2, Oly Tough, etc. The 2nd is an archive that holds everything else.

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