Do you have a reason to want a new camera,

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Re: Do you have a reason to want a new camera,

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Now . . . I have recently gotten into the want to get the manual focus lenses I have onto a full frame sensor so that I might play around with them at their original field of view, but also because of the potentially cleaner images that a full frame camera can offer.

None of my Pentax dSLR cameras are full frame.

Yes. I know the Pentax K-1 (II) would be perfect. But that is out of my budget.

Personally I think a simple budget FF camera would be a good move. Of course, then you have to understand that you do not get any bells and whistles at all. Maybe not even SR. And maybe 24 MP.

Would that be interesting?

And, if so, would $800 be within your budget? That is half of a K-1.

It won't be too long before those more basic cheaper FF cameras are here, mirrorless naturally and maybe not Pentax. I don't think APSC will go away though when you have Fuji making a tonne of gear around that system as well as us not making as much.

Canikon might drop APSC sometime, certainly the DSLRs and not sure about Sony.

I recently pulled out the Minolta manual focus armoury from the silica gell hotel determined to shoot from the hip, after setting up focus peaking. Shooting manual exposure in an alleyway in the heart of Melbourne. I was really happy with a Minolta 85mm F1.7 PF and the 58mm f 1.2 shooting around f2.8, I had forgotten what dreamy Bokeh was .  The results on the A99 had reminded me how much fun you can have without the intrinsic film costs previously involved. I was also using fill at a half stop down, and the results were indicative of how “ on the ball” I was that day. Full frame on legacy lenses is an education in what you are capable of.

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