Robin Wong's 12-200 review is out

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Re: Realistic alternative ...

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I like a consumer 12-100, weather sealed, $600 for travel. A little bigger than the 14-150 but f/2.8 - 4. Don't often go past 100mm when I travel but use 12mm. 12-100 is too big/heavy for me to carry for a long time.

You're looking for a small light weight 12-100mm f2.8-4 consumer lens that cost $600? Olympus will never release one because it kill sales of their Pro 12-100mm f4. Panasonic too because leica 12-60mm f2.8-4. In your perfect world we can have best of all worlds but cons of none, however we aren't in it. Have a more realistic expectation or disappointment will be your BFF.

The two Panasonic 12-60s co-exist side by side, so I don't really see a problem with it. It doesn't have to match the IQ, build quality, or close focusing abilities of the 12-100 pro. Just be slightly better than the 14-150 and weather-sealed.

Probably not for 600, though.

A 12-100 2.8-4 would be a huge lens. Bigger than the 12-100 4 which is not small and not something I would not want to take as an all day walk around lens.

A realistic solution to a better affordable travel zoom would have been something like a 12-100 3.5-5.6. This could be made fairly small. Make it so it has very good IQ at 100 5.6, a reasonable price, and I'm a buyer.

Also, add sync IS. Why they made a super slower and expensive lens without adding sync IS is mind boggling.

To all of those knocking this lens

I hear all you say but 12-200 is perfect for me (I won't bore you with the reasons)

I can manage with 6.3 a max aperture at long end

I don't know about the IQ and can't tell from robin Wong's 1600x1200 pixel images but they look surprisingly good.  I hope it works out as good in real testing

However if you can see something wrong with the IQ of his samples I would be very grateful if you would point it out.

For the removal of doubt, I do not want a 12-100...if I did I would buy one.

The IQ of cropping from shorter lenses does not stand up.

The price will undoubtedly drop in a year or 14-150 cost around 50% of the original Olympus price.

To restate, it is my belief that a lot of people will like this lens, I understand that it may not be to everybody's liking, but I can't understand why you are so negative about it...nobody is forcing you to buy it.

As usual just too much negative thinking on this forum


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