Still worth buying a new D500?

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Re: Still worth buying a new D500?

Doug Haag wrote:

Mark A wrote:

I’ve been holding off on getting one, but would really like to. Figured that two years after launch the cost would have dropped a lot.

But, the D500 has been out for over two years. And, the price hasn’t dropped much. Think Nikon will release an upgraded version? Or drop the price?

Is it worth buying one new now?


What camera do you have now that you would be replacing with a D500?

Looking at your posting history (participated in just 3 previous threads since joining DPR in 2010) it doesn't appear that you are deeply invested in this hobby. In 2015, you started a thread almost identical to this one that expressed interest in buying a D750. Is that what you are shooting now?

What an idiotic statement Doug..

I have participated bugger all here yet made over a 100K (With the D500) over the past 12 months on top of my daytime job mind you.

Doug you're a typical arrogant try hard photographer with average skills trying to put others down..

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