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Off The Mark wrote:

Actually, I was just going to create a new thread asking people about their opinions on the 30 3.5. I am VERY MUCH interested in it now. (Would be super interested in it if it had OSS, but I guess you can't have everything.)

Fair enough.  You might also consider the 28/f2?  Perhaps you have more options than you first thought.

I own the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DC lens, and it is pretty good. Very good, actually. And inexpensive.

Yes, I have the Sigma 30/2.8 Art-something-or-other.  Extremely sharp, possibly my sharpest lens.

But I would be interested in the Sony 30mm 3.5 for the macro capability and if it has the full AF functionality that one would have with, say, the SEL 50mm f/1.8 OSS (another lens I very much like).

Having just purchased an a6500, I suddenly don't worry as much about OSS.    Seriously, though, I don't think camera shake was my problem with the Sigma 30...  Even one time when I had a lot of blurry photos at a party, several years ago, it wasn't due to camera shake as much as simple people movement; it was so freakin' dark!
If you need specific qualities of a macro lens, it will simply be the right tool for the job.

If you just want to play with getting real close occasionally, there are other options.  I just watched a video on reversing old prime lenses; I have never bought a reversing adapter, but that looks like an interesting approach.  I have purchased extension tubes, which I guess have worked ok for the times I've tried them.  I can't think of too many times I get that close, though.

The Sigma 19, 30, and 60mm lenses - while very sharp and with excellent contrast - seem to be lacking some of the AF capabilities that some Sony lenses have. I think they are similar in their AF capabilities to the Sony 16mm and 20mm pancake lenses.

No, the 20mm Sony has very good AF.  Very fast.  The 16mm pancake is the one that has the slower AF (it may be Contrast Detect only?), but with such a wide angle, it just generally isn't an issue for me.  Unless you're really close, you're going to get a lot of DOF, particularly since you want to stop down the lens anyway.

There is something about the Sigma lenses which cause them to not have as fast of a focus.  Perhaps this is why they're so inexpensive.  They still work pretty well, just when there's motion, I have trouble.

And if it were an f/1.4 I am sure I would avoid it like the plague.

Everyone seems to be all about super-wide aperture lenses!  I found an old Minolta f1.4, which actually came in handy.  I don't often want to use a lens like that, but I'll keep it as a portrait lens.  Manual focus only, of course.

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