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Oy vey -- I do not feel deprived.

Oh, just stop this kvetch

Off The Mark wrote:

wb2trf wrote:

They do not need to dump the 16-50 and 55-210. This is merely what you want.

The general problem on this forum is that people turn their personal wishes into what they think are imperatives for camera companies. These pronouncements always seem crazy to me.

Although I don't understand why they are pursuing the camera market at all, they seem to be succeeding in their own terms while not following your advice.

Have you seriously not seen the numerous articles by various review sites out there lamenting the lack of quality aps-c lenses for Sony cameras?

Review sites. Who cares.

Here's my personal line up.  This is just mine. There are plenty of other lenses. I shoot landscape and portrait.  (For the latter I need AF. For the former, it's optional.)  My main lenses: Rok 12 f2, Sig 16 f1.4, Rok 21 f1.4, ZS 24 1.8, Sig 30 1.4 and 2.8, SEL 50 1.8 and FE 85 1.8. These lenses are all excellent.  I shoot mostly primes by preference.  I also have the 16-50 and the 55-210, which I use occasionally when I don't have room for anything else.  The 16-50 is a compact marvel, when one needs compactness.  I'm attaching a shot with the 16-50, just for illustration of the terrible things that can happen when that's all I can carry.

I think Sony is doing fine without your lens strategy inputs.

Here's a shot with the 16-50 which I try not to use, but when I need to works ok.

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