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Re: More absurdity

GaryW wrote:

REDunnLev wrote:

Why would Sony make a 30mm f/2.8 when they have the 30mm f/3.5 macro and the 35mm f/1.8? Both lenses are very good.

Yes, indeed. And why would they when Sigma already does? And who would be interested in buying? I doubt Off The Mark would, And he’s the one who brought it up.

over the years, I’ve seen many people complain about this or that lens missing from the lineup, but i always doubted that most people actually bought all of the different designs - they just like the option to be there. While some do have a particular need, the first lenses that need to be produced are ones most people would find beneficial.

Curiously, the 30/3.5 was available pretty early, but if it’s not f1.4, it’s not exciting enough.

Actually, I was just going to create a new thread asking people about their opinions on the 30 3.5. I am VERY MUCH interested in it now. (Would be super interested in it if it had OSS, but I guess you can't have everything.)

I own the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DC lens, and it is pretty good. Very good, actually. And inexpensive.

But I would be interested in the Sony 30mm 3.5 for the macro capability and if it has the full AF functionality that one would have with, say, the SEL 50mm f/1.8 OSS (another lens I very much like).

The Sigma 19, 30, and 60mm lenses - while very sharp and with excellent contrast - seem to be lacking some of the AF capabilities that some Sony lenses have. I think they are similar in their AF capabilities to the Sony 16mm and 20mm pancake lenses.

And if it were an f/1.4 I am sure I would avoid it like the plague.

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