anyone tried the z cam e1 hack at personal-view ?

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Re: anyone tried the z cam e1 hack at personal-view ?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

It is a camera that very rarely gets mentioned around here , you may have more luck over on the video forum


It is distinctly a M4/3 mount camera - I have one but don’t do video. It is a great idea but unfortunately it seems to have been still born without some loose ends being tied up.

A more universal battery type would have been a help and the still photograph side being beefed up. As is is the shape is good/bad but it does not offer nearly as much as a GM1. The w x h is more compact han the GM1 but add d (depth) and the equation is not good and the square box shape might be better for video (maybe) than it is for stills shooting.

I don’t think that shunting it to the video forum is a good idea as there are a few z-cam users on this forum - just that they are a limited bunch and generally don’t have much to talk about.

you guys are funny !

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