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Re: X-T30

Lone Stranger wrote:

chimphappyhour wrote:

Rmcp20 wrote:

I had noticed this in the specs for the X-T30:

AF-C CUSTOM SETTINGS ?????? - is this the customizable AF-C or the presets already in the X-T20?

But i was unsure if this means that the X-T30 has the customizable AF-C setting like the X-T2 and X-T3, and it does. I think this is also a nice addition from Fuji and an improvement over the X-T20.

Watch the DPReview hands on initial review.

That is the interesting part, at time 7:05 to 7:08 it shows what looks to be a custom AF-C CUSTOM SETTINGS like on the X-T2/X-T3, and at time 0:18 Chris says that it is full production firmware. So is it what I hope it is, or not?

From what i have seen im 99% sure they have added the customizable option from the T2/T3.

That is a good thing.

At this point the concern is really the joystick, everyone is saying its a bit fidly and too low. And a joystick too low on a camera with a small front grip....not sure it will work.

Lets wait for them to be in the shops...

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