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I just got my Moza Air 2 with follow focus. I set it up with my d500 today. It works fine and I can pull focus . I’m thinking of putting on my d850 because it has focus peaking and will make it easier to focus.

I just saw this post and hope I don’t have issues with it and the d850. I’m not finding and info on how to hook up a monitor properly with the follow focus and how to power my Nikon DSLRs. Changing out batteries requires removing the camera. I need to swap out batteries fast when shooting live music shows . I shoot festivals also with bands on stage . I can’t be taking the camera on and off in the dark .

And why did Moza put the Manfrotto quick release plate release button on the right side under the camera where it’s almost impossible to reach. I have to have my ifocus motor on that side . And it’s super hard to reach and get off .

If anyone can help with this I’d appreciate it . And I’ll check into the d850 and 800 series cameras need something special done for connection without shut off of the rear live view screen.

Yes, you can pull focus since you have the follow focus motor, but some cameras can simply focus via USB.

Focus peaking doesn't work at 4k on the camera, hopefully they add it in a firmware update.

Something like this connected to a big USB battery would last for a concert, but I've read some reliability issues:
Or what about the vertical grip? Can you access the battery door easily with the rear motor there?

As for the battery thing on the Moza Air 2 . I will either swap out the cameras batteries. I e figured something out for quick access. Or I’d like to use the power available from the Moza Air 2 Spark system. Not sure how to do that yet . I’d like to minimize the wires coming out of the Moza . But I’ll most likely need a monitor for many short shows. At the festivals and four hour stints keeping everything with batteries will be hard. I’d probably shoot with the d850 and focus peaking.

As for 4K we are not using that at the moment. Might later on but for now I don’t think it’s necessary . We can’t shoot 4K with all our Nikon cameras without some cropping. Our look as we move forward will be towards a more cinematic look . Even though it will be live music. Just our style . We have just purchased 8 old Nikkor lenses to give a softer look with a more 3d looking image . We want this great soft bokeh and 3d image over the over sharpened flat image. It should look more filmic and Arri like in appearance. At least that’s what we are going for .

I would be curious to know, how well you can manage D500's focus from the Moza. I have D7500, a smaller sibling of D500, and it is an important information if you can pull focus from the gimbal on the camera.

I plan on hooking up a monitorwith focus peaking . If for some reason it’s not possible I’d like to know . I haven’t tried yet. Also I’m putting the gimbal onto my SteadyCam Arm and Vest combo to hold the gimbal for me mostly. It should act as a fourth axis. I’m going to rig up a threaded piece to screw into the bottom of the Moza Air 2 handle . It will fit over the post for the SteadyCam arm where the SteadyCam fits onto. Should free up my hands to be able to pull focus, walk and move the humble to get the action of the shows .

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