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Re: Bald eagle in tree: X-T3 + 100-400 + 1.4x

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Morris0 wrote:

The eagle pair in Centerport Long Island were trading incubation duties when I visited them the other afternoon. A little while after dad returned, mom took off and I followed her into the woods and managed to find a clear view through the branches shooting up at about 45 degrees. I was happy that to almost filling the frame with her and that the late afternoon light was showing off her lovely feathers. She blasted off a little while before the sunlight turned golden.

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Very nice shot and love the extended wings. Consider bringing up the shadows a bit in post, since there's some beautiful feather detail "hidden" in there that, IMHO, might make the presentation even a bit more dramatic and interesting. However, as with anything, this is very much a matter of personal taste. (BTW, one other approach would be to increase the "exposure" a bit in post for the entire image, then simply bring down the highlights... either would work).

Agree with Jerry here, PS shows about 1/2 EV underexposed perhaps to preserve details in the white plumage

Can judiciously mask out the white and bring up exposure to the rest, details in shadows will pop out

great looking pose of the eagle BTW, lucky you

Thank you,

Normally shooting up into the sky I use +1 EV yet to preserve the whites need to go to -1/3 EV.  I've done a few experiments reprocessing and so far a touch more shadow recovery and selective color where I remove blacks from the blue channel seems to be getting me a natural sky and a touch more shadow detail with contrast to my liking.

I'll post the updated photo when I'm happy with a solution.

This is the second year I'm photographing this nest.  It's a treat.


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