Terrible results using Pentax DA 40 2.8 XS

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Re: Your shutter speed ...

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

However, I can testify that regular DA40 Ltd is a fantastic lens, and well worth having. I strongly suggest you get an Ltd version instead of 40mm XS.

Can't agree. I got rid of mine. Despite being delightfully small, with good IQ, it ended up gathering dust. 40mm is too long for street or landscape photography, and too wide for portraiture. It's no coincidence that most manufacturers ignore this FL.

The 21 and 70 are marginally more useful, though I long ago got rid of my 21 in favour of a Ricoh GR which has a sharper lens and more accurate focusing.

The 70 is a gorgeous portrait lens, but requires agile and accurate AF especially when shooting wide open. A lens which can reap rewards, but is demanding of the photographer. It reallly needs a mirrorless body.

The Ltd's were a great selling point in their time but not sure that they would swing me towards Pentax now.

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