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Re: More absurdity

What difference does it make? If people feel that Fuji has a superior system, why wait for Sony to change? Just buy a Fuji today! Right now! What are you still doing here?

Until the release of the X-T3, I didn't feel that Fuji had a BODY that was comparable to Sony.

The X-T3 (and the X-T30, to a certain extent) are quite competitive with Sony bodies.

Still about 50-50 in terms of switching over to the X-T3.

I would be turned-off by articles complaining about lack of lenses. Been hearing it since the original Nex camera.

Yes, you have been hearing the complaint about the lack of lenses since the Original NEX cameras because... there is a lack of lenses.

You are free to buy body-only versions and get whatever lens you want. Or, Sony has started making kits with the 18-135, it seems. The latter sounds like a great lens to start with.

I have resorted to doing that. The sigma 30mm f/2.8 is a godsend compared to the Sony 16-50 kit lens, despite the lack of OSS and not being a zoom. Why can't Sony make one that would take advantage of all the AF features that Sony aps-c cameras can deliver? (The Sigma 30 f/2.8 doesn't have all the AF features that most native Sony lenses have.)

The 18-135 lens is well liked not because it is a great lens, but because the 16-50 is so appalling.

Is this more due to Canon owners moving to Sony?

Maybe, or more due to a lack lf lenses for Sony shooters?

Because they don't want to throw out their old lenses?
Or do you think anyone is using, say, the Tamron 17-50/2.8? I have that for a-mount, and I don't like to use it on these newer cameras, for various reasons.

People are using the SAM 16-50 f/2.8 along with other A Mount lenses, some of them Tamron and Sigma.

Which firmware improvements? I just checked, and I don't see a firmware update for the EA4.

Believe it was for the EA3. Maybe Entropy512 will chime in since he is pretty up-to-date on the various adapters and the firmware.

Can you say that Sony wouldn't sell FEWER FF cameras if they made APS-C more attractive?

Can you say they wouldn't make more money by selling more aps-c cameras and better aps-c lenses at the cost of selling less full frame cameras?

If there were a market for f2.8 wide-normal zooms, why wouldn't Tamron or Sigma just do it?

They are probably sitting there thinking, "Certainly Sony is going to release a 16-50 f/2.8 lens any moment now... certainly they aren't going to neglect one of the most popular aps-c lenses ever created." (Popularity claims based on Thom Hogan's survey of aps-c shooters.)

But if it's just about selling lenses, why allow so many from Tamron and Sigma? They really needed the assistance more 5 years ago.

My guess is they realized that they need more lenses to keep selling more and more cameras.

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