New camera - usual questions

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New camera - usual questions

Hi all,

Time for me for a new camera. I have a fuji x20 for a few years, and would be happy with it, if only it had a better viewfinder, and were faster : i have a significant miss ratio + parallax to handle  + ... weakening eyes make using LCD a nightmare.

On my fuji, about 2/3 of my pics are 28mm equ and 1/3 at max focal (112mm equ); about 10% are randomly spread among these extrems.

I use flash about 10% of my pics - to bring additional light in the sun, thanks to the sync-x at all speeds.

And I usually shoot raw+Jpeg and only exceptionnally will touch the raw file.

If for quality only i would go for Fuji XT2 or XT3 with the 18-55 - but would be missing  on both ends of the range of the fuji. Not to mention larger and heavier body+lense and (seemlingy) limited pricer and heavier  additional lenses.

Now I like some compacity when on the move; so I have been watching MFT for a while.

My choice would be for a G80 with the 12-60 3.5-5.6 (i like the handling i have large hands), or the GX9 + same 12-60, or the 12-32+35-100 - I would likely add to both a 1.7/25mm and/or the 1.7/42.5mm, and later the 100-300 zoom

All these Panasonic bodies are about the same price 900-950€ (and within that range money is not a factor)- exept maybe G80+16-32+35-100 which I found at 700€

I like the better grip and flash of the g80, and the 12-60 which is a perfect match with my usual focal range; I probably would not mind carrying the 12-32+35-100 and switching, if this is a better idea from a pic quality perspective, as I tend to use either end of the focal range at any given time.

Now the real questions:

- i tend to prefer the handling and flash of the g80, and I read the EVF is better (which I would use 80% of the time), and the articulated lcd (why on earth did Fuji remove this from GX8 to GX9) and the more powerful flash - but I guess i can add the exta grip for the GX9 to mitigate this , and the Xsync at 1/200s mitigates the  weaker flash on the GX9.

- Which body ? GX9 or G80 ? I read the GX9 has better JPEG IQ (I seldom touch raw; and, YES, image IQ matters...).

Which lens combo ? 12-60 or 12-32 + 35-100 ? (other lenses I mentioned, I will buy them either way, over time, whichever camera)

Thanks for some educated hints here from those who know better.


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