Old CY lenses - 50/1.7 and 85/1.4

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Re: Old CY lenses - 50/1.7 and 85/1.4

Mathieu18 wrote:

The focus is maybe a bigger issue. It may just be dry grease which is a $100 CLA, but I've heard of a few others of the 35 in particular having an un-repairable helical, though I don't know the details of that. May be worth getting looked at but parking it at infinity and using a helicoid adapter might be the only option. Good luck with that classic.

Just checking the focus ring now, it goes from almost 0.5m to infinity, taking it out now for a spin, hopefully my son joins so he can be my target, poor boy, he never says no to my rants...

Stay tuned and thank you all for your suggestions!

p.s. could I find an how to tear the lens apart to reach the helicoid I won't mind trying, if it is a piece that can be built with a lathe I could tease a friend who is very good with that

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