Which DAM? (again, sorry)

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Which DAM? (again, sorry)

Sorry to ask a question already asked by so many others....

I recently switched from Nikon to Fuji. I'm an Aperture user and love Aperture. I do not want Lightroom/Adobe. I do want to use Raw Power as the Raw processor--soon it will have better DAM capabilities (ranking, etc) and I eagerly await that. So I just need an ingest/culling program for now.

I've tried a bunch and have run into fatal flaws in all of them.

Tried ACDSee, Exposure X4 (?), and even bought a copy of Pickorial, but have run into bug after bug after bug on that one. (l'll be asking for a refund if I can't get the support to respond to e-mails (so far, no luck, 48 hours).

I have Capture One but that's not working either--maybe I'm missing something?

I shoot with an XT3 and a X100f (plus a Sony RX10IV and a iPhone).

Here's all I want to do:

1) Ingest photos.

2) Reject some (and not have them remain in the viewer).

3) Sort them into new folders or subfolders, so I can work on only that subset at a time.

4) Star rank them so I can ponder which ones are going to make it to the end of the editing process.

5) Don't just use the JPEG preview as the RAW image. I shoot Acros simulation but want to see the color RAW. Seeing both the JPEG and RAW in B&W is not working.

6) Keep the JPEGs and RAWs together, so I don't have to treat them as separate images when ranking or rejecting, etc.

Aperture was (is, if your camera is supported) so easy to use and so obvious. Why are all these other programs having such a hard time?

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