FZ1000ii and TZ95 specs leaked

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Re: FZ1000ii and TZ95 specs leaked

JM Hoffman wrote:

Sranang Boi wrote:

All we have so far are some leaked specs. Far too early to complain about what we don't know about the full specs.

The full specs are now available on Panasonic's European sites. Based on those specs, I created a complete side-by-side comparison:

...in my post 3 days ago, I mentioned that I got the specs from panasonic uk, and that the fov for 4k is apparently not cropped as per mki....a biggy for video people, and those that want to use the 4k image capture. That was the single biggest flaw in the original, imho, and now hopefully fixed with ( crossing my fingers )...full sensor readout. That's been the achilles heel of their compacts, not that the fz1000 should be called "compact" . I haven't been back, but you might find the uk site with more info, since it had the relative fov for video.

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