Can't decide between EM-5 Mk II and EM-10 Mk III at same price

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Can't decide between EM-5 Mk II and EM-10 Mk III at same price

Alright, I've spent the better part of three days researching the everliving bejeesus out of interchangable lens cameras I can get, with at least a second telephoto capable lens, for as close to $1000-1200 as possible...and I've officially today reached my mental breaking point. Realistically speaking, I could spend up to about $1500; but I'd much rather that extra money go towards another lens than a more 'powerful' body, especially because I can then potentially spend that money a few months down the road rather than up front.

I'd say I'm firmly an enthusiast level photog. I come from a 35mm film camera background with experience developing my own prints, but ZERO photo editing/post process experience (I know I'll have to come up to speed, this is just where I'm starting from). I'm rusty, but my background is in shooting full manual, so while I don't demand full control of every tiny setting, the option to manually control as much as possible is a bonus.

I'm mostly interested in landscape (I have been a backpacker/camper and snowboarder most of my life) and street photography, with sports a very close second and portraiture a more distant third. My wife plays roller derby and one of my main desires is to combine my spectating of her play with my love of photography. This is the reason for me 'requiring' a telephoto lens in my budget, and I would prefer a zoom telephoto, but I'm open to arguments for the right prime telephoto lens, especially if I can get a much faster lense to help indoor sports shots. I am also a motorsports fan and would like something that will still work decently at the track; but this is VERY low on the priority list. We are traveling to Europe in September for two weeks and in fact that trip was the impetus for me beginning this whole process, so travel size/weight is a consideration and was a large reason I decided on a m43.

Video is certainly secondary to stills; but I've recently discovered that I enjoy video editing, and making some highlight reels for roller derby could be a lot of fun, so while capturing video isn't my primary reason for this camera, it is a consideration. Frankly, if I didn't care about video at all, I probably would've already ordered the EM5.2 and not thought twice about the differences between it and the EM10.3.

My shots would just be for my enjoyment of photography, none of this is intended to be used for professional level or paid work, and most of my shots will never be printed, much less in large formats. Certainly I would like prints to look good, but for the most part these images would be for travel-blog type presentation, or for sharing with family and friends via email or social media (even though I personally detached from the FB train over a year ago).

Also, I know that the secondhand market is great; but unless I can somehow get an EM1 with a relatively low actuation count for around $650, I don't see that being the route for me. I own no cameras or lenses at the moment which I'm beholden to, and the whole reason I'm looking at a camera is because I finally have money in my budget to afford a decent one with some lenses. So, while I'd be interested in buying a used body as an upgrade in a year or two and have had great luck with used consumer electronics, I would really like to buy new at the moment. I decided on m43 primarily because of the value for money and the form factor of the camera and lenses. This will be my camera primarily, but I do want to be able to hand it to my wife with the confidence that she can have some fun with it without her arms being tired or without her feeling overwhelmed like an SLR would. I also carry a messenger bag all the time, so a setup of the camera and 1 or 2 additional lenses which I can just carry in my normal bag is attractive.

So, given all that background info (if you're still reading), on to my dilemma: Amazon has some very affordable combo deals on the EM5.2 and the EM10.3 at the moment. The EM5 is available with a lens I have fallen in love with: the M.Zuiko 14-150mm II (giving an extremely versatile and totally weather sealed package) for $999, and due to a 'combo' promotion from Amazon, I can pair that with the 14-42mm EZ II for an additional $149, bringing me to a total of about $1150 for the EM5.2 with two zoom lenses covering most of the range I'm interested in shooting; and I would probably add the 25mm Lumix f/1.7 prime to this set before heading to Europe.

Alternatively, I can buy the EM10.3 with the 14-42 EZ II for $649 (also comes with a camera bag and SD card, neither of which I care about much) and then get the M.Zuiko 14-150mm II for $599 minus $200, bringing the grand total of this package to $1050.

There's also an Olympus travel lens kit which has the 14-150mm AND their 17mm f/1.8 prime, plus some Olympus lens hoods and lens cases which I could PROBABLY afford to pair with the EM10.3/14-42mm EZ combo...but the only way the EM5.2 is affordable for me is by getting it with the 14-150mm because that lens basically costs $100 if bought with the EM5.2.

So, if you're a masochist for massive walls of text, and you're still with me, thoughts on what you would do in my position given how I intend to use the camera? The price difference is basically negligible to me, so either way I get the same two lenses and a body, just a matter of which body. The EM10's more advanced image processor, AF, and 4k video are attractive; but so is the weatherproofing and option of using stabilized optics in conjunction with the IBIS Olympus is already known for in the EM5, and the option of a battery grip and RC flash (not sure I'll deal with flash anytime soon, I have ZERO flash experience). At the risk of being a forum cliche: HELP!

Olympus E-M1 Olympus OM-D E-M10
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