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Re: Some exhibitions from around the US

Bill Borne wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

I've never been to the Gila Cliff Dwellings nor the Gila Wilderness. And, I've never seen a Gila Monster; I hear that they like poodles.

Go pretty cool place. I've been to many cliff dwellings

Bent's Fort. Is that Charles Bent of Santa Fe Trail Days? Got hisself killed in Taos. Which, BTW, is probably the only time that the U.S. has executed its prisoners of war.

I don't think so?

There are a couple of nuggets of factoids at


Much more is to be learned in the Federal Record. (Use GoogleBooks; enter Burgwin, for the free books.) During the hearings, it was determined that many people were killed as prisoners. What is missing is the testimony of personal letters written by relatives attesting to this atrocity. I do my research in those.

Before Burgwin, the U.S. Army built a fort at Abiquiu. The 1/10 of the 1%, local yokels, immediately became foragers and spies for the U.S. Army, and, the rich sold mules to the U.S. because wheeled vehicles couldn't make it past Abiquiu, which route was considered by General Stephen Watts Kearny. Kearny left his civilian government to develop NM's "organic law," and exited, by way of Yuma, to California, leaving a company to handle peace treaties, signed at Abiquiu, with the Navajo. The military industry immediately began their attacks on the Navajo and Apache. Carson would later murder many hundreds of my neighbors.

In the process, Carson razed thousands of peach trees in Chaco, Kayenta, Canon de Chelly, and Hopi. The stones for these orchards had originated in Abiquiu, the 1600's.

The local rich had names like Brigadier General Jose Maria del Socorro Chavez y Velarde, Antonio Manzanares, Andres Quintana, Jose Jaramillo, Pedro Ygnacio Gallegos. All of these were rich people who had ignored Mexican law and should have kept out of our pueblos. Nope, they encroached. So, when people talk about land speculators, the Mexicans and before them, the Spanish landed, encroached on our sovereign rights.

Let's face it; Kit Carson and Juan de Onate had something in common, they were both war criminals.

Never knew Kit arson has been classified as a war criminal

Some aficionados would debate it.  But, those would also not know that Chavez' rank is by unitedstatesian authority.  Aren't aircraft carriers named after BrigGens?  What happened to Chavez' recognition?  He shouldn't get one either.  Using "booksG" I found a newspaper article written in the East coast which, besides drawing him on horse back and short gunning caricatures of indigenous peoples, titled him "Indian Fighter."  I freaked and went into immediate writer's block.

Onate removed the big toe from his prisoners taken at Acoma.  Some say, he removed a foot.  Centuries later, our local senator, had a five ton bronze casting made of Onate on a stallion, only to have his (bronze) foot cut off.  The politician died before he realized that the county would not name the building after him, but, not before I made him spend 35,000 on his reelection.  I lost by 400 votes in an election that drew 65% of the Democrat's primary.  Geldings are better workers than stallions.

I think that we should nominate Fray Bartolome de Las Casas as a hero.  The Spanish priest who created the Mexican people, i.e., mestizos or mestizaje.

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