The last Canon bug-a-boo - dynamic range?

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The last Canon bug-a-boo - dynamic range?

Canon has gone a long way to addressing all the user complaints that have plagued its camera designs for generations.

With the new R system, Canon users finally have:

- full frame mirrorless

- eye detect AF

- native 4K video

- hybrid viewfinder

- silent shutter

- IBIS (next camera)

- dual card slots (next camera)

Yet with all these advances, I've read that Canon has decided yet again not to improve the dynamic range of the sensors. Which leads to the natural question - why doesn't Canon upgrade its sensor to match the dynamic range of Nikon/Sony? I realize not every photographer cares about dynamic range and most consumers don't even know what that term means, but there are many photographers who would appreciate this upgrade! Does Sony own the patent to high dynamic range sensors so that Canon is effectively locked out of the market?

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