Can you print good images with Micro Four Thirds?

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Can you print good images with Micro Four Thirds?

Imagine you went on a photographic holiday or went to a photographic event and took hundreds or thousands of photos. When you got back home, you spent many hours going through your raw files and tweaking the best ones. Then when it comes to printing, you upload your photos and a few weeks later your photo book arrived.

When opening up your book, you realised the images are a bit noisy, the colour is off or isn't solid and look chit when comparing to the same image on the screen. You sat there wondering what did you do wrong? Should I:

  • Buy a Full Frame and use iso 50/100 so hopefully there isn't any noise in the image.
  • Increase the noise reduction in Raw File editor to the point the image look soft.
  • Used premium photographic paper which increase the price tag of the book from £150 to £250?

I don't know what is going on. While a lot of my images look acceptable on the screen, in the printed form there appears to be a transfer problems  and there are artefacts in the print that isn't on the screen. This happened before and it happened again.

Now granted I'm still experimenting with Lightroom and still finding my style how to process my images. The photos I recently got printed were mostly edited before I set out to South Africa back in last October and last week I had them printed into a book. The photos weren't going to be outstanding but somewhere I'm making a mistake or I need to look else where for my prints.

There are the steps I'm taking.

  1. Calibrate the monitor
  2. Edited/preset the image
  3. Export the image with Sharpening set to standard/gloss. 300 PPI, sRGB, JPEG
  4. Upload the image to the print app.
  5. Give the ok for the printing company to change the image sharpness for their paper and ink.

Maybe it's the paper I'm using, maybe I need to improve my Lightroom skills, make my colours more mellow, use more noise reduction.

The simple fact is the images don't look solid, there is a lot of noise where there shouldn't be and I been doing comparisons. The noise in the print are comparable to me zooming into the same image on my monitor five times where the print at this point one tenth of the size.

In general the images look edgy, noise where there shouldn't be, lack definition and look like I took these images were taken on an old smart phone. The book is also medium size and I should be getting my final South Africa printed book in a few days time. I wonder how that will come out.

I also checked reviews of CEWE which I used and most people giving them four or five out of five. So something's going wrong... I just find it amazing there are noise on the cars where on my monitor there isn't and the masking tool removed all of it.

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