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Re: 'Legendary' status

Belgarchi wrote:

Nikkor 200mm 4.0 AI/S. Probably the best non-APO 200mm, decently light as well.Very good, yes... but the underestimated Pentax A 200/4.0 (not the M, not as good) is as good and 20% lighter, and the Canon 200/4.0 FDn is sharper (but lightly built, and a lot of CA)

Interesting... How would you rate the Pentax compared to the Voigtländer 180 4.0?

I tried one sample of the Canon, but found it not as good as the FD 80-200 4.0 L at 200mm.

- The Pentax has more CA than the Voigtlander, and the focal is slightly different (+20mm), but except that, it is very similar... and costs 10 times less.

- Many Canon 200/4.0 have issues: loose helicoid, and dust / haze inside. But a perfect condition one will amaze you. I didn't use that Canon zoom though, I can't compare.

Thanks, I'll take a good look at the Pentax (and maybe give the Canon another chance as well). I do find the Voigtländer 180 4.0 expensive for a lens I'm not completely convinced about.

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