The Sigma 500mm F4 DG OS HSM Sport - sample images

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Re: With TC-1401 teleconverter - sample images

FrankG wrote:

Thanks. The TC-1401 is excellent although with the 150-600S the combo becomes a very slow lens, although I found it to be quite usable with good results possible in good light.

You do have to separately AF fine-focus calibrate the lens with the converter attached to get the best out of it.


Hi Frank, I agree the AF takes a big hit with the TC when used on a 150-600S. Really impacts the BIF performance but for sitting/slow moving in good light still usable IMO. That's one of the big benefits of the 500 f/4 vs 150-600S IMO, can use TC with less AF performance loss.

FYI I tested 600mm with TC vs without TC this am just for fun, results shown below. With TC is slightly better to my eyes on this target which was 400 feet away. My particular copy of body+lens the AF fine tuning is the same with or without TC FWIW (only applicable to this specific lens and camera body).

screenshot of huge crop with TC (left) vs without TC (right)

Original images of the above:

840mm f/9 1/60s ISO 100

600mm f/6.3 1/60s iso 100

...and before the "yea buts" chime in (aka the Yea Butts), Yes the amount of sun hitting the target is different, and yes there is some vegetation in the foreground. I took about 10 shots from same location for each and chose the best shot for each. And for the picky lab-rat people who seldom shoot out in the field, guess what?, in the real world as we shoot wildlife, we often have vegetation in the foreground. All shots are SOOC (capture nxd d used for raw conversion to tiff to preserve Nikon colors and settings then lightroom imported those tiffs, saved to JPEG).

I think next time we get a clear night I'm going to test 840mm on the planet Jupiter with it's moons vs. my pocket Canon sx730is at 960mm (equiv.) The little pocket canon always blows away the 150-600S on such shots but maybe with tc (840mm) now it will be more even...?

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