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Re: 'Legendary' status

Alan WF wrote:

Totally subjective but fun: which lenses are considered as a 'Legend', whatever the reason? [...]

- Canon 50/1.4 New FD

This is the only lens on your list that I have. I like it a lot, and if I had to keep only one lens, this might be it. That said, I'm not sure I would call it legendary. It's fine at f/2.8, but the corners go at f/2 and even the center at f/1.4. Furthermore, it has longitudinal CA. What do you see in it that I am missing?



I should have explained what I mean by 'Legendary'. It is not that these lenses are exceptional; but that many people believe they are.

The Canon 50/1.4 New FD has the reputation to be the 'sharpest' 50/1.4 for SLR at full aperture. It probably is - the best among the ones I tried, ex-aequo with Contax Zeiss 50/1.4. But the Zeiss is better for many other things: sharpness at smaller apertures, flare, built quality.

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