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Re: Enough with the flip out screen please.

KameraKnut wrote:

CaptainNoddy wrote:

To be honest, I wish this X-T30 has the X-T100 flip out screen.

Otherwise despite the good video features, it cannot attract vloggers.

It's an annoying feature that is most appreciated by a tiny percentage of users.

I've had several cameras with flip out screens and selling one right now, the Panasonic G85. Useful yes but incredibly annoying as it just about ruins the ergonomics of a photo taking experience. Always hated that "wing" hanging from the side of the camera.

Needless cost, complexity and annoyance to those that don't give a care about such a feature. Thank you Fuji for having the courage not to listen to a very vocal minority!

A flip up screen (like the X-T3) is a requirement for me to buy a new body. It's a feature that I have wanted for a long time.

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