Tamron 70-200 f2.8 G2 on your FF Sony anyone?

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Re: Tamron 70-200 f2.8 G2 on your FF Sony anyone?

PeterY wrote:

Seikusa wrote:

Havent tested it yet with the new A7III Fw and the new MC-11 Fw, where the new A7III fw promises way more compatibility.

last summer it was flacky, sometimes it worked quite good on the MC-11 sometimes even Eye AF. Sometimes it only worked when focusing close to the focus distance, sometimes it didnt work at all.

If you are willing to wait a bit I could do some testing on saturday and then report back to you.

I am in no hurry. Thanks!

So today i went to a First League Female Volleyball match(1150 visitors) and mostly shot with my 70-200 G2. Gosh that thing is heavy. Need to work out more. Its one of the most challening sport to shoot, with frequent player blocking the field of view. Its so fast to keep the ball in the picture and know where to shoot at. And the lighting in the halls(this one especially) is very dimm, so its a tough job for the camera.

Overall it was quite happy with the result. Face tracing and Eye Tracking worked quite well (Considering lots of people being in the background) and it didnt hunt.

You can check them out here.


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