Moving from D800 to Z6... how much visible quality you loose (not printing qual)

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Moving from D800 to Z6... how much visible quality you loose (not printing qual)

Hello & please help ....

I have an aging D800 (quite happy with it except for low light performance /high ISO & burst speed) with some pro glass (35mm 1.4, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8 etc). Doing mostly Travel, Portraits and from time to time an event for my company (which is the main reason for wanting better gear as D800 above ISO 1600 is simply not good & shooting ISO 3200 make my pics flat & "plastic"). And some family pics, so no sports photographer but sometimes Kid tennis comes handy. My Photos are mostly for online or desktop view, with some rate printing to A3 max no real plans to get bigger than A2 max for the future.

I now got a nice & very unexpected gift, a Z6 and have 2 weeks to decide:

  • keep the Z6, I could get used to the small size & have hope in the AF update coming.
    Plus I like the new possibilities & the smaller size for travel & weekends. My concern is mostly how much “degradation” from only 24MB I will see vs my current 36MB files in Lightroom & when exported as JPEG (when I don’t crop or just crop by 10%)
  • change to a D850 which feels like "home" but I like the idea to stop doing AF fine tune and the new AF eye focus coming, plus the easy change of settings via the viewfinder menu of the Z6 = the new tech is the way to go for sure so feel like missing out when going D850, which is as well too close to my D800 
  • consider paying up to a Z7 .. really really but not sure if worth it for my usage (no landscape, no studio portraits) and printing max A2
    My main idea was to keep D800 (for any high res pic I would need) and use Z6 as a second body with focus on low light, events, and travel/weekends, that would change with D850 or Z7 as they are rather a replacement for the D800 from the specs so only need to keep one .

Have read tons of stuff on the internet .. and in the forum here but still feel uncertain. I don’t really NEED more MB (like going up toD850 or Z7) vs my current 36MB, but I don’t want to lose a lot “visible" picture quality going down to 24MB vs my current 36MB (without any cropping ), just a 1:1 compare on a full pic.

My hope is that there are some ex D800 users here which switched to Z6 (not Z7) and could share how much easy visible pic quality they feel they lost .. and if they still would do the same move D800 -> Z6 or ratherD850/Z7 if having the chance ?

Thanks to all in advance

P.SS Life is full of choices .. but as I can only afford to buy a new cam every 6-8 years ... I really would need to make the "right" & best choice for me


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