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Re: Enough with the flip out screen please.

Sal Baker wrote:

CMCM wrote:

celestialemissary wrote:

surfoxy wrote:

Totally disagree, and have a hard time understanding how it's annoying? Personally I don't get why every flip screen isn't fully articulated. They make cameras sell, and it's not just vloggers. Really just makes the camera more versatile.

Like others have said...tilt screen is faster to use and in center with camera.

Now my only camera is Xpro2 with fixed screen and I don't really miss the tilt function

While I prefer tilt over the fully articulating screen, I actually use the tilt so rarely that on my X30, I had entirely forgotten it could tilt!

I'm curious why? The fully articulating screen like on the X-T100 is a tilt screen. One doesn't need to use it any other way if they don't want to.


but can you use it in portrait mode like you can with X-T3/X-T2/X-H1 ?

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