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Re: Enough with the flip out screen please.

Sal Baker wrote:

david8732 wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

You seem to live in a strange reality ruled by unfortunate stereotypes.


I think you seem to live in the exact same world that you seem to judge others by then.

The evidence is there, virtually every youtuber who reviews a new camera always states (if it doesn't already have a flip out screen) that the camera would be so much 'better' 'popular' 'convenient' 'attractive' if they'd have only gone an put a darn flip out screen on the camera. All of them, Gordon Laing, Chris and Jordan, 'the everyday dad' the Northrups' ''Max Yuryev' 'Dave McKeegan' 'Jason Vong'....the list goes on and on, they all want a flip out screen and they all reference it for vloggers, like vloggers are the only people who use cameras.
So, no you are incorrect. I am sick to death of influencers droning on about a flip out screen because they do have influence and they should look at the issue from both sides not just the constant need to sell cameras to vloggers.
The fact of the matter is, and especially for video, a flip out to the side screen is a burden, it's slow, inconvenient, obtrusive and nearly doubles the width of the camera. I get it for certain things (the screen on the XT100 is perfect) and yes it would be good, but for the small amount of positives they are completely blown out the water by the sheer stupidity of the design.

You seem to spend a lot of time worrying about what others say about camera gear. There are plenty of gear choices for everyone to be happy.

And I agree though, the X-T100 screen is perfect IMO, although I doubt that I'm much of an influencer.

I don't and please stop being so patronising.
I observe and because it is something I feel so strongly about then it affects me. I am concerned purely because they are influencers and camera companies listen to them...and because of this they should consider their actions more. That's it simple.

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