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Doug MacMillan wrote:

I hear you. I got fascinated by photography when I was 8 because of the "fun" factor. I pretty much kept the fun factor through high school, then went to a design school majoring in photography and minoring in film. It was still fun, but I was required to become more and more of a perfectionist. Striving for perfection can throttle fun.

I then spent nearly 25 years as a full time professional photographer. It got to the point that I only had time to hold a camera when it would make money for me. I had a lot of great fun assignments, but most work was to pay the bills.

I changed careers partially because I loved photography too much to make money doing it. I've enjoyed returning to being a mere enthusiast. I have been shooting with Canons since 1971, but when I really wanted to have fun, I'd reach for my Leica M3. My Canon DSLRs have served me well and I have taken a lot of nice photos with them,

I was looking for a small mirrorless camera after getting tired of hauling around my Canon 5D kit. I rented the X-T2, the X-Pro2 and the X-E2 to give Fuji a try. I found shooting with them at least as much fun as shooting with my M3. I ended up buying the X-E3, then the X-E2 as a backup.

I plan to have fun tonight. I'm photographing a band whose guitar player is a good friend of mine. I'll try to minimize fiddling. My X-E3 lets my concentrate on seeing a photo without being distracted by the mechanics of capture.

Would you please share some of photographs later from the night?

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