Need advice on New DSLR camera for Photography?

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Re: Need advice on New DSLR camera for Photography?

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Hi Guys,

I am an independent working person and love photography. so now I am decided to buy a new camera for better photography., Guys please suggest me on this, I have a budget of $1k. which camera will be better for me and the important thing I am not an expert in photography.



Typically, your question is answered by first invest in photography class. However, you do need a camera to take a photography class and an iphone is not a tool to learn photography (better use of iphone is to view some of the youtube tutorials).

Since my axe is Nikon, I would recommend Nikon D3000 series, it's up to D3500 @$400. That would leave you with some money for a good lens.

For 1K budget, you cannot go wrong with any other brands "entry level" products.

Good luck and happy clicking...

The OP needs to decide, as a first order of business, whether he might be interested in video. If so, mirrorless makes far more sense than a DSLR.

Also, if interested in selfies, or vlogging, a rear LCD that can be turned forward is almost a necessity. That means either fully-articulated, or one from the small proportion of tilt screens that tilts 180 degrees. I don't think the Nikon 3x00-series has either.

And the low-end Nikon DSLRs have no microphone input.

Heh, I am an old guy and photography means "still" still and for better photography, I start talking about exposure first...

I'm an old guy too. Just trying to take into account in my answer that those considerably younger than you or I have grown up with video and selfies, and many may want that capability.

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