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io_bg wrote:

JNR wrote:

Not so. Look a lot closer and take into account perspective error. Do you realize how much 6mm is? That would make the body closer in thickness to an X-T2 than the X-T20. For proper verification just look at the top view of the two cameras as listed on this website.


The VF extends well beyond the thumb grip (thankfully).

So what is your point? Even by comparing the top view they look exactly the same save for the the thumb hook and slightly less protruding screen on the X-T30.

Edit: I just checked Fuji's site. The accessories page for the X-T30 lists the X-T10 grip and leather case as compatible meaning the three X-Tx0 bodies can use the same accessories.

Point is pretty clear, but maybe Fuji supplied Product Images will help clarify:X-T30


Possibly, the VF and LCD extend further, but the thumb rest clearly isn't the culprit.

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