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yardcoyote wrote:

I have an X-T10, which of course bears the same relationship to the X-T1. It is an excellent little camera and i am perfectly happy with it. The X-Txxs are all the same size, and they are distinctly smaller and lighter than their big brothers; the have a simpler build, fewer features, one less dial on the top plate and a smaller viewfinder.

The big point of controversy is their size/ ergonomics/handling. They fit some people perfectly. Other people find them too small and the controls too crowded. The first group finds them utterly charming, the second will tell you they are cheap and nasty. I honestly think you just have to pick one up to find out. I wanted one from the first moment I touched it.

A related concern is handling/pointability with Fuji's larger lenses. I think the X-Txx cameras work best with smaller primes. So do I, so that's fine- I have the 35mm f/1.4 and the 60mm for mine. If you want to use the bigger, heavier primes and the large zooms, you may be better off with a larger X-Tx camera.

cant agree more with the point on size. Im not a pro so I end up buying xt20 over xt2. but i find it too small thats why i also bought a 3rd party grip, which makes it almost the same size (or even bigger) than xt2. So now with the Xt3 vs Xt30, I have to take out the "size advantage" of Xt30 in my consideration as I will likely end up adding the grip again if ill upgrade to Xt30.

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