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I recommend Sensor Swab too, I use this kit for ten years and never had any problem, it is easy to use. You'll have to select the right "Sensor Swab Type" for APS-C camera (24mm 17mm). I don't remember the Type number.

Which one? A search online brings up 100s of products.

The Photosol brand?

I have something like that:

WARNING: Sorry, I made a mistake in my original post, Type 3 (24mm) is for Full-Frame, you have to purchase Type 2 (17mm) for APS-C !!!

Thanks, I don't buy from that vendor and I live on the other side of the Atlantic but good info on the APS-C size pads.

I ordered a 12x sealed packet 16mm microfibre swab sticks with 15ml fluid from ebay for about £8. It will be good to have wet cleaning when needed alongside the

Pentax O-ICK1 Image Sensor Cleaning Kit

For information with Sensor Swab, don't press the swab on the sensor too strongly and you may have to clean it in several passes.

First pass > Check.. Second pass > Check etc... until the sensor is perfectly clean. I would say 3-4 passes, because dust may be moved around by swab and appear at another place on the sensor. There are probably tutorials online...

Cheers, I've dry cleaned the sensor loads of times with the Pentax kit which is excellent BTW. Nowhere near as difficult as replacing light seals and mirror damping foam on a Pentax MX.

I treat sensors and the inside of a camera like a new born baby x 1,000

Mirrorless would be a nightmare for me, the guy in the camera shop on Monday said the same and they get more sensor cleaning work because of Sony and now Canikon and Fuji.

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