New camera invaded

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Re: New camera invaded

Oiche wrote:

gravelhopper wrote:

Good to know there is such thing that can be complemented with liquid solvents. So far, I never had dust on my sensors.

It depends what you do I suppose, I am usually up in windy mountains having to do lens changes, pollen is the problem and not necessarily dust, pollen is sticky by nature. Ireland is covered in grass hence the Emerald Isle so it depends on the location too I suppose, a desert region would have little pollen I imagine.

I seen your post about the vacuum cleaner, but this is a new K-70. It is strange you feel the need to do this and never had dust on the sensor. Maybe you don't see it using wide apertures but a regular f13 user with the sky in the frame will spot sensor dirt quickly.

Are those "dirt" spots for sure left by the invader? Because if they are circular, then they have been there for ever. I've bought 3 Pentax bodies, all 3 exhibit here and there such circular dark spots when the lens is closed to f:22 or so. I am not talking about the additional dust specks, which enter the camera whenever I exchange the lenses. And believe me, I am picky like maybe no one else . But those dust particles can be easily removed by a blower.

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