7dmk2 in 2019?

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Re: May I ask a question?

benjilafouine wrote:

I own the 7D and yes, there may be a few things that I envy to the 7D II from what I read.

But, at the end of the day, how many more keepers (better pictures) would the 7D II really bring me on a normal shooting day (a little bit of everything)?

In low light, the keeper rate may be much higher, with a 7D II. In good light, or if you bring lighting equipment, the original 7D remains quite good. I needed better performance for shooting at night, so was an early adopter of the 7D II.

And how many more a 7D III would?

We can only guess. The ones who know are subject to non-disclosure agreements.

When I compare my 7D to what I had in 2003 (a PowerShot A70...), is is possible that the 7D still does a very good job overall? Would it be worth it for me to spend almost 3,000.00$ CAD on a new 7D III camera if it comes out (I always buy the grip with my cameras), especially if this is just for fun?

I still have a 7D. It remains quite capable. My 7D II cameras are more capable. The 7D III is, for now, imaginary, so no worth can be assigned to it. One can see that the 7D II followed the 7D at a five-year interval, so, perhaps, with 2019 being the fifth year since the 7D II, there may be an announcement of a successor, but, the mirror-less factor has disrupted the market for interchangeable-lens cameras.

Arguably, the sucessor of the 7D Mark II is the 5Ds/5Ds R, or 5D Mark IV, both of which have better AF, in some conditions, than the 7D II, but these 5D-series cameras are expensive, and not everyone needs, or wants, a “full-frame” sensor. The 7D II, of course, has a faster frame rate.

If one has a 7D, which is providing adequate service, perhaps it is best to wait until late 2019, as there may be announcements of new models.

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