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I am Still Here. A Short MF Update and My Love for Fuji APSC

If I may be so bold and take some liberty here....

Here are some answers to several inquiries on my Flickr, PM and email:

No I am not banned.

No I am not mad at you guys.

No I have not abandoned the great XH-1 and all of my beloved Fuji XF glass.

No I am not so in love with MF that I am selling my Fuji APSC gear.

Yes I am spending time on the MF Board.

Yes I am learning a new and demanding system.

Yes I like (maybe love) the GFX, but also recognize what I am missing when I'm not holding my XH-1 and those great, versatile, flexible, wonderful Fuji F2.8 zooms and great XF primes.  And IBIS … don't get me started on that.

Yes I miss IBIS on the GFX gear.  Deeply.  My appreciation and desire for IBIS has only increased and I would more than love it if the GFX 50r had IBIS.  You see, for a variety of reasons, but mainly in order not to sacrifice all that fine MF resolution that you are paying so much for, one needs (I think) 3X on the old required speed equation.  That is hard to get sometimes at base ISO without IBIS.

Yes the GFX gear is bigger but not that much bigger and the weight is not really noticeable to me when I walk 7 miles with it around my neck (which I have done three times).

Yes I miss the DOF and I want more DOF, not less.  This is a well-known MF disadvantage that some find an advantage, just like when those FF guys troll you on this board with that argument.  There are many portrait, art and fashion pros that want less DOF for separation and that sliver of magic, but I want more DOF, not less.  And Fuji APSC gives me two EV more DOF compared to MF.  DOF is a big issue with MF shooters, along with diffraction and where you start losing all of that prized resolution by getting too far away from optimal aperture for that GFX lens.

Yes, GFX lenses are spectacular.

Yes I will still shoot my Fuji APSC gear of course!  But my next long trip (two months) to several islands in the Med (Malta, Corsica, Majorca, Sardinia, Sicily, Crete) will be with the GFX and 4 GFX lenses.  I will also have the X100F, but no XH-1 and those great XF lenses.  I can't carry it all.  Someone here told me to try to fit the XH-1, Brick and 50-140 into that load but I just can't do it.  I'm flying to those island.  Not ferrying.   I walk on the plane with a small backpack and one small shoulder bag.  I can't take a chance on a gate check on those smaller flights and I need to do a trip with the GFX system.

Yes, GFX is fun and the way ahead seems exciting.  It does slow you down and really makes you think about shots.  The res is astounding.  You have to pixel peep a raw to believe it.

I miss the reach and I miss having something like the great 50-140.  Remember, the crop factor is the other way about 20%.  So the 45 prime is like around a 35.  I miss the reach and need it.  That will be solved by the new 100-200 in Feb (which I pre-ordered), but that lens is big and still only out to about 160 35mm equivalent, plus it is slow at F5.6.  But I have to have some reach in my travel shooting or I would abandon GFX for sure.

I miss reach. I miss IBIS.  I miss the better (for me) DOF.  But I am astounded by the resolution and just the look of the images.  I really like that rangefinder style body but wish it had a big grip, like the XH-1.

The sweet spot is Fuji APSC!  APSC and MF is the way to go if you ask me.  If you can afford it you can try GFX and it will compliment your great Fuji APSC ergo and glass and you can tell those FF guys to stuff it.  Let SonCaNikon slay each other in the FF wars.  We are just fine where we are.

Greg Johnson, San Antonio, Texas

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