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Olympus Imaging posts operating loss for 3rd Q 2018



More data


Of interest/summary

-13 billion Yen (~118.5 million USD) operating loss for Imaging Division - blamed on some re-location of manufacturing *and* increased mirrorless competition (I suppose that's Canon, Fuji, Sony mainly)

- Revised forecast for 2019 is revised -16 billion Yen loss

This is starting to look a little too familiar (4/3rds end of days). Still, contrary to back then that personally I saw the writing in the wall for 43/rds, I still think they have an out. But this out is not making cameras like the EM1X. The cards have to be played right.

I wonder how much resources where spent on this camera along with the coordinated multi-national press PR efforts, instead of focusing on an all out pro EM5 MKIII, along with re-done smaller primes that are weather sealed to go with it.

I suppose someone could quip that they would lose even more money in the projection if the EM1X didn't come out, but I still think that's not where the priority of the system vs the mainstream competition lies.

Those smaller cameras can't come fast enough.

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