Best lens hood for 28mm 2.8 IS on APS-C?

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Re: Best lens hood for 28mm 2.8 IS on APS-C?

Jim144 wrote:

Hi, I've just bought the 28mm f2.8 IS with a 58mm thread.

Oddly, the EW-63II hood that I use on the 28mm f1.8 doesn't work, even though they both have a 58mm thread. Have Canon changed the fitting?

Anyway, is there a better hood for the f2.8 when used on an APC-C body? Thanks for any suggestions!

I use this same lens as my normal lens on a M6. Since the field of view is about the same as a normal lens I use a 58mm screw in lens hood designed for a normal lens. It works fine other than the extra effort involved when changing filters.

As a compromise between size, weight, speed, IQ and IS I haven't found any lens I like better.

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