What is your pick between Nikon Z7 and Nikon D850 for landscape

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Re: What is your pick between Nikon Z7 and Nikon D850 for landscape

jh82 wrote:

Thanks for your great points. I like all the points you emphasized. I have played with Z7 in the store a few times now. I can't say I like EVF or not. However, I do like the images taken by Z7. I think the 24-70mm f4 S lens is great, maybe even better than 24-70mm F2.8G. I use this lens a lot, and hope for a better one. The main worry I have is about low light performance. Do you notice any disadvantage of Z7? Also I do a lot hiking and wish that I don't have to bring my heavy tripod all time, IBIS will be a great help. How many F stop do you experiencing that the IBIS can really offer? Thanks!

The new 24-70S f/4 on the Z7 is better than the older 24-70G f/2.8 on a D8xx... esp. edge-to-edge.  Hands down.  I'm speaking from the standpoint of empirical use (with a dash of pixel peeping), rather than from the standpoint of having run controlled image-quality experiments (which is not to say that I don't think such experiments would show the new 24-70 is better - it is just to say that I haven't run them).

re: low light with the new 24-70S f/4 and Z7: in short, no, I'm not worried about it. At all.  Even when I do have f/2.8 available (e.g., on the prior G lens) I don't use it for landscape.  Rather, in low-light landscape situations I either (a) make sure I use a tripod or (b) boost the ISO and accept some image degradation when hand-holding. So f/4 on the new 24-70S does not really negatively affect my shooting, and it does positively affect size and weight.

Further, I purchased the 50S for those situations where I really do need a wider aperture... but I'm not going to go crazy building out a whole line of wide aperture primes.  I'm going to content myself with the "general" 50S and the macro 105 - that's it for primes.  Which is not to say that there is zero advantage to the primes.  Its just to say that the combo camera/f4zoom have gotten so good, that I don't feel the need for primes for what I do.  YMMV.

Yes, IBIS really does help.  I'd say its border-line amazing.  In good light you really can reduce shutter speed when needed and when hand-holding.  With good technique, I've shot as slow as 1/13 in good light and gotten a good image.  In poor light when hand-holding the net effect is that you don't have to boost the ISO so high.  I haven't worried about the precise #fstops improvement.

Hope that helps.



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